America fuck yea!

I have come back from the wonderful world of magic and make believe :)
The trip was fun and exciting and i also got to knock off serval of my goals :) -yay go me-

So best thing about the trip:
besides hanging with my best friend =p i got to meet my other best mates who i had known for 5 years but never got to meet them
hence they lived in America.
yes these were the days of gaia and rping. Were we made friends and then only started web chatting this year.
They are funnily enough like my boys back home (Luke and Aal) but with cool as accents.

I also got to go the orignal disneyland and go on every ride there. Space at least 10 times. It was so much a little disappointed that it rained but it keep the crowds away so it was awesome only having to wait like 10 mintues in a line when normal you could be waiting hours.

I had bought to many things ( could not even pick out my fav thing) that i had to buy another suitcase while i was there.
My excuse to my mum was "hey i did want to buy my own luggage one day XD"

Depsite my friend getting ill at the end of the trip, we both had a good time.
Though i did miss home i could of easily done another week or two =3
-photos on facebook

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My sister did this on her blog and we dicussed it today when we went out of Breakfast, well nursing my hang over XD\
I think this is a great way for me to really try and do all the things i said i will do but never to XD

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An Update plans for the new year ,3

Waiting on:
  • Leeke wig and resin parts Order
  • Soom Spilt Mocha's Body :)
  • Bodies those poor heads XD (Orion body, sushi body, Lehava' head!!)
  • Updated wigs and eyes for certain dolls
  • Face up's
  • More clothes XD i need to start finding some clothes instead of wanting to design everything myself X3
  • tails for Sushi and Sonnet. I has one for sakura but may us it on Sonnet
  • SHOES!!!!!!!
Wanting: (order of wants but it does change frequently XD)
  • Elfdoll Sooah - Midori Keiko
  • Feeple 65 chole- Kiskae
  • Ciel F02, Musedoll - Qadiva
  • Tanned El - Toko
  • CHROM – Bane of Wood (Fire Lord head) - Kazhiro
  • Littlefee Ante - Carmal
  • Dollmore Bonnie - Arsenic
  • Buddy Doll Mars - Spectre
  •  Yeon-Ho B (only if he was tanned XD) - Toshi-Shinta
  •  ????? - Alden
  • Ndoll - Aki- Kei
  •  Either a puki /  fish tail cat or a zuzu cat - Otoro
  • Elfdoll Wu - Cortez

Faceups and blushing needed:
  • Sushi / hooves / horns
  • Sonnets hooves and horns -going to be sent away soon <3
  • Lehava  head
Outfit sets i want to do:
  • there oringal outfits XD (going to take me a while) -currently working on Ami's, and Sushi. Must do Orion's and Mocha X3
  • Oriental festival ( think kimonos)
  • School uniforms XD

oh noes

Dolls oh no oh my

Having trouble wiht my dolls at the moment. Everytime i look at certain ones I am not sure if i should keep them or just give them a change.
At the moment my predicament is to with Shadye and Kiskae.
I love them both but the fact that they look so silly next to each other and meant to be the same race >>
The option i have formulated is either
A:  Re invent Shadye as a MNF (still vamp elf XD) So Kiskae is matching
B: Re invent Kiskae with a SD mould.

But that would mean of either selling off or one of my dolls and re looking at my character list >> le sigh




Yay for new wing sets please let me know if anyone decided to do a gorpu order.
I should be buying xmas pressies but i can help when they have nice wigs and wings for sale XD

It has been decided

That my centaur which will be coming in  will be named Mocha and is a boy <3
that way if any romance blossom's between Aurora and Him can possible equal babies, or awesome adult versions muhahaha.
I also am thinking of getting wigs from Ndoll but it wont be for a while since i have to still get all my xmas presents <3

Im still debating between this :
for hair coloring or even a different style i want something cute and boyish but i hate most of the bob cuts.
I plan to get him a vest made so he is not completely nakie <3
Also leaning towards the Silt human head from soom.
What eye color?
I have no clue >>

SIDENOTE: Indiana Jones and The last Crusade is the best one of the lot <3

Dolly Update <3

Ilike dolly updates makes me relaize how i should not spend my money >.<
I have added some more photos on flickr nnow so if anyone knows me on there feel free to have a browse
im hoping that my skills are indeed improving <3

So Kiskae got a new wig <3 i love it very much the style is awesome the color is awesome but CURSES! it is slightly small
so it keep friggin sliding off her head >> So i want to know what u guys think?
Yay or Nah to the hair? (it is nice and soft though XD)

Sonnet has her CUTLISH dress, thanks to the talented morgana. She looks adorable. It truely has inspired me
some what to get off my ass and design more clothes, and the great thing about it to i dont ever have to worry about her hooves.
dresses = win for this reason.

I has Toko's arm! yes not a head or a body but i think it is the most intersting part of his charcter design anyway.
An arm you say how queer o-o It was the demonic arm from the faeryland event which I was nice enough to get of Andreja :)
So once i found a decent and of course i have the money for my tanned el it will be joined to his body, blushed in black and red <3

Hana has had her normal hands =3 i had bought them a while ago but they had be harboured at Ash's house.
So its nice that not ever pic no has the statement "One million dollar" attached to it some how XP
she is also pimpin out in mon's awesome sexy lunderay sets. Well at least its summer now she i have an excuse ><"

I have jumped into a spilt for a baby soom tanned (again) since the one i had jumped in before had quotedd me the wrong price and ended up giving it to someone else :(
it is more expensive than the pervious spilt but but but i want it :(
Still having trouble deciing on what head to get it, and its name. notice its an it as i even frickin ddon't know
mainly for the reason i love the grils centurars in fantasia (Oringal XD) where they had these awesome bras made out of flowers <3
so if it will be a girl she will be most likely having on of those. if its a boy a tattoo of some sort around its torso.
The names I have found a liking to so far is : Mocha, Chai, Pyrois.

That is all.................... ^_^
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What way to spend the Melb cup day

Well for started i had a day off hooary ,3
and i didnt even watch the race  O0

i was going to but my mum was at work, my dad was doing his own thing and my sister and her partner which are usually here weren't
due to his illness (upset stomach :( ) I did though have an awesome lunch with my best friend (while one of mine) and had a Korean Lesson <3

So i decided that the new soom has come out........
and jumped in a Spilt for the Tan body :)
So yea someone should tie my hands behind my back >> I would love to get the whole doll almost convenced myself
that Aurora could of a silbing XD but at alas no I already have two horned dolls XD
damn you soom!
so i will be hunting for a tiny head to make up another character XD
well at least its not a  floating head >>

I hope you all had an awesome Melb Cup Day and won lots of money XD
i will be going to the races on Sat and I hope i win some money to pay myself back XD

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Ah its so relaxing to do nothing all weekend <3
I have been doing somethings like seeing my sister bf for his bday <3
but other than that playing my vidoe games <3

So what else is new?
Doll news:
Sonnet got her boday yay ^_____________^ I bought a teenie gem body when soom was just selling them seperalty.
I already had bought her hooves when i went in for the slept for the Soom Ai head.
She when i ordered the body i also ordered her eyes so now she can also see :)
If people are having a hard time remmeber who is who of my crew Sonnet is another succbus charcter who has music notes on her cheek
and has gaint blue hair. She will need to be body blushed but im acturally not to phased when XD
Morgana is making her the outfit which i designed so i am so excited to see how it will turn out.
t the moment she is wearing one of the cute dress i bought form morgana at the doll market, XD

Kiskae got her boob job, so she is now a Unoa with a large bust :) I will have to get off my bum and get her another top
as i love the corset she has she keeps poping out XD She is so pretty i love her heaps ,3

I will be leaving my job at the end of the year and planing to go back to uni.
Thinking of either pirmary or Kindergarten. Just something i will still be working but as an agenecy.

Life has been okay. Nothing really super exciting happening, except planing to go to America for two weeks.
but I'm ploding along